what we achieve

Because of being a fulfillment service provider we can offer you complete service packages well adapted on your needs.

Extansion and modification of our requirement offers are realized due to customer needs.

Please send your query.

achievement catalogue

  • disposition
  • receipt of goods
  • inventory accounting
  • professional storage
  • order taking by phone, fax e-mail, post
  • order processing
  • dispatch (clearance until 9 p.m.)
  • delivery service twenty-four-seven
  • package tracking
  • processing of complaints
  • permit of returns
  • permit inbound and processing
  • billing
  • accounting
  • outstanding items administration/ dunning
  • conditioning/ product completion
    plastic, foil, paper and board 
  • display construction
  • extensive customized reporting
  • consumer dispatch
  • support on your E-Business / E-Shop

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